Space Prison

Space Prison by Tom Godwin is 99 cents in the Amazon Kindle store, and you can pick up your copy by clicking here or typing in into your computer’s web browser.  I’ve read this one several times over the years (obviously, I like it).

Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

For seven weeks the Constellation had been plunging through hyperspace with her eight thousand colonists; fleeing like a hunted thing with her communicators silenced and her drives moaning and thundering. The Constellation is a ship heading from Earth to Athena, a planet 500 light years away, and is suddenly attacked by the Gerns, an alien empire in its expansion phase. People aboard are divided by the invaders into Acceptables and Rejects. The Acceptables would become slave labor for the Gerns on Athena, and the Rejects are forced ashore on the nearest “Earth-like” planet, called Ragnarok. The Gerns say they will return for the Rejects, but the Rejects quickly realized that isn’t going to happen.

Ragnarok is not so “Earth-like.” Its gravity is 1.5 times that of Earth, it is populated by deadly, aggressive creatures and it contains little in the way of usable metal ores. The climate was freezing cold in the winter and the two suns made it broiling hot in the summer. Monsters roamed the landscape and fever was prevalent. A brutal enemy marooned men, women and children from Earth on Ragnarok the most feared inhabitable planet known to man. Several hundred died from exposure that first night and in the morning the rest of the humans knew that they lived only for revenge.The novel follows the stranded humans through several generations as they try to survive there, and their unswerving goal to repay the Gerns for their cruelty.

Published Monday – Friday (with an occasional weekend post) this blog, Kindle Books for a Buck or Less, primary focus is on the independent author as there are jewels beyond the “name brand” authors. If you would like to try out the free two-week trial subscription on your Kindle, click here or type in into your computer’s web browser. Who knows, you might find a new favorite author!



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