Second Term – A Novel of America in the Last Days

Second Term – A Novel of America in the Last Days by John Price is $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, and has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 34 customer reviews.

Category: Thriller / Political Fiction



Here is the book’s description from the Amazon website:

“POTUS is down! OH, NO!…Repeat, the President….is down!”

“Appears to be an upper front shot…bleeding…he’s behind the podium …on the platform.….Protocol SkyHook. STAT! ….Full perimeter. STAT, STAT.”

With these frantically shouted words Secret Service Agent Steve Quinn was only confirming what hundreds of thousands of day viewers could see with their own eyes – the President had been shot and was down.

Normally, viewership of a day-time Presidential speech outside of DC would not be extensive, but this was no normal day. The elections were just eleven days away, and this President was behind in virtually all of the polls, except for CBS, which gave him a lead so thin that the poll’s margin of error dwarfed the purported lead. Clearly, the question of the re-election of this President was in doubt. That is, his re-election was in doubt before the bullet sliced through his right shoulder.
SECOND TERM is an exciting, yet frightening, look at what could happen after the re-election of an American President committed to fundamentally change America. Once re-elected, never to face the voters again, what would the President do to keep his promise, in his next four years? Would he lead the fight to abolish Americans’ right to keep and bear arms? Would he lead the Congress in banning ‘hate speech’, including criticism of public officials? What would his newly-created greenshirted CCC Conservators do to deny Americans their Constitutional rights?

With no holds barred, SECOND TERM, in three volumes, peers into the future of an end times nation viewed through the lens of Biblical prophecy. Will violence in the streets fulfill what Prophets foresaw centuries ago? Will America stand by or betray Israel? Is America’s future revealed in the Bible?

SECOND TERM is fiction. Or is it?

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