16 Free Books and (just a few) Priced at 99 Cents

Here’s something a little different for you that I am also promoting on the Free Kindle Books and Tips blog: a group of authors I’ve corresponded with over the past few years – as well as read several of their books – have banded together starting today through the end of the day Saturday the 19th to either (a) offer their books for free, or, (b) discount their books to just 99 cents each.   Speaking of free, 16 of these titles are free, with the remainder just 99 cents each.

In terms of customer reviews these are all highly-rated books, and if you count the number of books being offered in boxed sets my back of the envelope calculation says you are getting to peruse over 70 books.  There should be something for everyone – children, young adults, adults – in a variety of genres.  There’s even a few my teenage daughter has read and enjoyed (and started buying the rest of Cidney Swanson’s series as an example)!


blizzardofsavings 720x620


I’m not going to list each book out as it would take a couple of hours; however, here are four short links you can click to grab the freebies and consider for the ones discounted to 99 cents – just remember this pricing only lasts through Saturday!


Romance titles: click here or type in http://smarturl.it/FKBT-Rom into your web browser.


Mystery & Thriller titles: click here or type in http://smarturl.it/FKBT-Thrills into your web browser.


Science Fiction / Fantasy titles: click here or type in http://smarturl.it/FKBT-SFF into your web browser.


YA / Other genres: click here or type in http://smarturl.it/FKBT-Gen into your web browser.


Have fun!



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