About This Blog

Please note this blog is no longer updated as of February 2013.

This blog was an offshoot of my other blog, Free Kindle Books and Tips., and its purpose was fairly straight-forward: each weekday, I recommended a book in the Amazon Kindle store that costs all of a dollar or less (sometimes free) with an emphasis on the independent author.

“Why were you doing this?”

Some of you may ask that question, but the main reason was I had found many independent, self-published authors that typically fall under the radar screen amidst all of the noise from the “headline” authors I really enjoyed.  Take a look around, as the posts to the books I featured are still available.

One tip before you push the purchase button on any Kindle book: download the free sample first in order to see if you really like the book.  Amazon will deliver anywhere from 5% – 8% of the book for you to try with no obligation.  If you do like it, go ahead and purchase it; if not, it’s fairly easy to delete something from your Kindle.


Michael Gallagher


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